Pissed Off Dad Reveals Truth About Energy Drinks, Pasteurization, and the Yoli Blast Cap

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  • February 17, 2017
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    If you’re a mother or father who cares concerning the properly being of your youngsters then you definitely MUST take note of my rant! There might be excellent news on the finish however the info I’m about to share with you’ll in all probability make you as indignant as I am proper at present.

    Parents, we now have been lied to! We have been systematically damaged down and fed a collection of lies and untruths that put our beloved youngsters at nice well being danger. The meals and beverage industries shouldn’t have our well being in thoughts when producing their junk meals and power drinks. In reality, there’s not one single legitimately wholesome drink present in a mainstream grocery retailer together with the most important chains. Not one! Here’s the proof.

    Pasteurization, good proper? Wrong! Dead improper. Pasteurization Kills. It kills the dangerous stuff, however this is what they do not inform you, it kills the great things too. The vitamins, enzymes, antibodies and useful hormones which might be very important in your wellbeing at the moment are lifeless additionally. The S nutritional vitamins are utterly destroyed and a big lack of nutritional vitamins A, H, A, and W. Why do they do that? Simple, shelf life = extra money of their pockets. It does not cease with milk. Check every juice and sport drink you discover. All pasteurized or scorching crammed. See why I’m pissed off! But cease, there’s extra. A lot extra.

    Lori Lipinski is a Certified Nutritional Consultant and says “We have all been led to consider that milk is an excellent supply of calcium, when the truth is, pasteurization makes calcium and different minerals much less obtainable. Complete destruction of phosphatase is one technique of testing to see if milk has been adequately pasteurized. Phosphatase is important for the absorption of calcium”.

    Store Bought Beverages

    Now that you already know just a little about pasteurization simply check out the drinks within the retailer. I problem you to find a beverage, whether or not it is apple juice, orange juice or vitamin water, that’s NOT pasteurized in some type. They typically disguise it as scorching crammed or flash pasteurized and even aseptic however it all signifies that no matter was previously wholesome concerning the drink has now been destroyed or enormously diminished. In addition to that they’re operating advertisements that two glasses of apple juice a day is identical as consuming an apple a day. That’s simply incorrect! Where’s the fiber and enzymes in pasteurized apple juice. Again I’m getting heat beneath the collar.

    How bout the HFCS in these drinks. It too is all over. Our youngsters are getting fatter and fatter. How splendid is that for us mother and father? Let’s take a look at the brilliant aspect, we cannot need to go to any soccer or baseball video games anymore as a result of our youngsters might be too fats to play. Yippee!! The spotlight of my mother and father life was going to observe me play soccer and baseball when I was a young person. Currently the beverage and meals industries need to take that from me. The hell they may. I’m going to battle again. Read on..

    There is Some GOOD NEWS!

    There is an organization opening up in August that’s put collectively by different involved mother and father who fairly frankly are simply as fed up as I am about not with the ability to discover something wholesome for ourselves and our youngsters to drink. The firm is known as Yoli which suggests “To Live” in Aztec. The product itself incorporates nothing however all pure wholesome elements which were formulated to offer as a lot as S servings of vegatables and fruits per 18 ouncesbottle. Certainly there are comparable merchandise on the market however who can afford them regularly? What is breakthrough concerning the Yoli product is it is patented supply technique. The product is freeze dried on the peak of ripeness after which distributed by way of their patented blast cap know-how.

    Yoli supplies one hundred% RDA vitamin and is straightforward to make use of. It is available in a P1 plastic bottle which accommodates no BPE’s and is dishwasher protected and reusable again and again thus dropping the burden on the landfills. As quickly as your loved ones has adequate bottles you’ll be able to order simply the alternative caps which is less expensive. Each cap is $P.50 for registered clients making it a really reasonably priced various to these detrimental power drinks. Let’s see, would you fairly give your child 12 spoons of sugar and a bunch of caffeine or would you as an alternative give them S servings of vegatables and fruits?

    No preservatives, No sugar, No synthetic sweetners, No synthetic flavors or colours, simply one hundred% pure stay vitamin. Oh, and did I declare for you diabetics on the market, it has a zero glycemic index! Now you’re in all probability considering it should style like crap if it is that useful for you. WRONG!! For me it tastes very very similar to what I grew up with as a child- Tang.